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I have started weighing whether or not I should hire a Sacramento auto accident attorney or not. Of course I was thinking for a good long time that it was going to work out, but then things changed when the girl that owned the car found out the guy who hit me had a wife. The guy had no auto insurance, he had no license and he had a long history of getting into trouble on and off the roads. He apparently was the boyfriend of the young lady who owned the car and she told the police that he had borrowed it at first. Then at some point she discovered that the guy also had a wife and three kids. Continue reading

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I am a victim of a car accident, and i am just trying to get help with paying for my medical bills and some compensation for all of the pain that I have been through. I was in a coma for like two weeks or so. It was a medically induced coma, but i don’t know that makes it better. I am checking out now that I am well enough to use a computer. I am going to try to find out as much as I can and I will probably try to hire a lawyer in the near future. I need the advice of a lawyer, so I know the best path to proceed down.

What is sad is that i am not sure if my body will ever be back to normal after the injuries that I have suffered from this car crash. The person who was driving the other vehicle did not even have a license. Continue reading

How The Government Can Take Your Property


lawA new bill has been introduced to end forfeiture funding of the DEA’s Marijuana Suppression programs. The bill is a bipartisan effort to modify was has become a widely abused system of asset forfeiture from innocent citizens, who in many cases have not even been charged with any crimes.


What is Asset Forfeiture?

According to the Department of Justice, asset forfeiture is used to seize the proceeds from crimes, in particular drug trafficking and organized crime, in order to apply those funds towards safety and enforcement in the community. The rationale of the program is the belief that by removing the means to facilitate crimes, the system is not just incarcerating guilty individuals but also weakening the organizations that support them.

How is it Really Working?

While the intent behind forfeiture is bolstering community safety and funding police, it has been so widely abused that voices from all walks of life are now speaking to end it. Police organizations have so much latitude to seize property that the seizures may even occur on suspicion of activity. For example, a young college student had his life

Is an Agreement Based on Duress Enforceable?


criminal-law-policyParties are usually free to contract as they see fit. However, if one party’s actions rise to the level of duress, the act of entering into a contract is no longer a voluntary process, and the contract may not be enforced.



Duress is a defense that may be raised when a party is suing for a contract to be enforced or for damages. The defendant may state that the contract should not be enforced because it was a product of duress, a wrongful pressure that coerced him or her to enter into the contract. State contract law usually determines what constitutes duress. There are different types of duress, but the usual legal standard is that the coercive action must have been such that it deprived the other party of free will and that the party had no other reasonable alternative than to agree to the contract.

Physical Force

The most egregious form of duress is using physical force to get another person to enter into a contract. This type of duress may arise when one party threatens physical harm to the other, batters the other

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The Qualities of a Good Car Accident Lawyer When you have to deal with the legal system, then you should have the right person at your side. If you got wrongfully blamed or you are seeking justice, then you should search for a good lawyer that you can trust. It is imperative to work with a lawyer during a stressful situation like the car accident. You need to find someone who is able to protect your rights through knowing what you should look for in a lawyer. You need to be very careful when you would make your decision when you hire a car accident lawyer. You must find someone who can speed up the process. When you are in the middle of a personal injury case, then you would like to get over with this as quickly as you can. Having a good lawyer can really help save you time, costs and also other resources. You have to base on the nature of your lawsuit if you are going to search for a lawyer. The law comes with so many branches and there are so many attorneys who have their own specialties. The best

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Everything to Know on Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Car accident attorneys are well trained and legitimate attorneys, who provide support to people having experienced a car accident. Car accidents is considered as one of the major causes of injuries in the United States It is because of the numerous counts of claims from people who had personal injuries. In car accidents, that resulted from the irresponsibility from another driver, you are able to ask for compensations from that person. The compensation will come from settlements between you, and the person that caused the accident. Compensations from a car accidents may cover your medical bills, treatment, and other damages. Settlements from car accidents, and the incident itself, are being regulated by Federal rules. Although each state have their own laws and regulations. It is for this reason that you should consider in hiring a car accident attorney who is licensed to work in your state. They are knowledgeable about the law, but focus their expertise on the legal proceedings pertaining car accidents. Attorneys will be able to represent you in the legal proceedings found in the court. Whether you are innocent or liable in the accident, it

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When You Should File a Dental Malpractice Claim In cases of medical malpractices, it is evident that most individuals do not know that that dental malpractices also deserve compensation. Although dental malpractices fall in their own category, oral health specialists like all other physicians are liable for any incorrect treatment procedures they administer on the patients. Due to limited knowledge on liability laws affecting dentists, the number and the frequency of dental malpractice cases are quite few. Besides, the claims are normally lower than those that come from the medical malpractice category although improper dental care services may pose great health challenges. Dental malpractices often lead to minor injuries on the jaws, lips or tongue or severe health issues relating to administration of inappropriate medicine and anesthesia that may be fatal. If a dental care professional undertakes a thorough and regular examination and does not identify indicators of dangerous health conditions such as oral cancer at an early stage, he or she is answerable, and thus, the patient has the right to file a claim for settlement. The dental specialist should establish that there are no existing health conditions that may pose a risk to the patient

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Highly Effective Divorce Lawyers

A marriage is an institution that is supposed to stand the test of time, whereas two people in love are able to come together and create accumulate great wealth together, raise adorable children that they have been blessed with and age together to a life full of fortunes, whereas this could come crumbling one day when the lovers no longer agree on many things. It is worth noting that at the instance a married couple can no longer see eye to eye, they will eventually file for the most painful divorce proceeding, whereby they legally seek for approval to be separated for good, whereas the biggest culprit of this divorce process is the children who are not to blame in any way for the turn of events leading to this divorce.

Luckily for any person who is undergoing a divorce, there are highly reliable divorce Lawyers who have dedicated their expertise to ensuring that there is fairness and justice for their clients who are undergoing the painful divorce process, they will ensure that they put their extensive experience into practice meaning that there wouldn’t be any case too difficult for them to come up with

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How to Find an LGBT Lawyer In general, people are afraid to be involved in legal matters as they believe that they would be forced to spend big sums of money for hiring a lawyer and other legal expenses associated with it. Yes it is true that it is better for people to stay away on legal matters but, this does not mean that you should not prepare to confront them. In an effort to get through with this fear, it is essential to seek information to understand further what is this about. The best possible way that can give you more confidence regarding the legal firm is by trying to find out more about them. Yes it is true that lawyers who are good and experienced are likely well versed in litigation but that not always mean that it is best to get a law firm if you don’t need one. If you have legal problems, then you surely have to work with a legal firm. There are some situations in which people who hire such firms want to enlarge their legal teams in an effort to convince their adversaries that they are determined to do

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Hiring an Affordable Car Accident Lawyer There is no doubt that a car accident can lead to so many injuries. These unfortunate events occur because of careless drivers who think of nothing but themselves when on the road. There are also cases when a driver is drunk and happens to collide with another vehicle because of his/her intoxication. These things occur because of bad drivers, roads, and vehicles so make sure to prepared for them in the best possible way. Try as people might to avoid this kind of situation there are simply times when things are beyond their control and they can’t do anything else except to find ways of dealing with the aftermath. You have to make sure you have the best lawyer just in case you are left to deal with the aftermath with a lawsuit in your hands. A car accident lawyer would be able to handle proceedings in the best possible way so there is less for you to worry about. You need to be compensated well for the damages done to you so make sure you have this professional around to help out in the best possible way. These matters of

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Hiring an Attorney to Pursue Compensation When an employee has been injured in the course of work, they are liable for compensation. The employer has a duty of compensating the employees who contract an occupational illness. To cover for the medical treatment, compensation should be awarded. When an accident happens, a person is entitled to be given wage replacement benefits. The procedure for applying for compensation can be quite intricate for most people to understand. The need to involve a competent attorney when seeking compensation cannot be underestimated. For a person to be compensated, the injury must arise in the course of the employment. Compensation should also be given to the people whose illnesses aggravate are a result of the work. If a person acquires a psychological injury in the course of the employment, he should be compensated. By hiring a worker’s compensation attorney, it will be much easier for the rights of the employee to be protected. It is important for the client to ascertain that the prospective compensation attorney is properly skilled. Having the essential problem solving skills is crucial for the workers compensation attorney. By identifying the lawyer who is an effective problem solver,

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How Can Car Accident Lawyers Help? Because of the little chances of surviving after being in one, vehicular accidents are the most common, possibly one of the top reasons for sudden deaths of people, and this is because of the impact which may be inflicted on the body which the body of the victim cannot handle. The two main causes of car accidents are mechanical failures where in there is probably a defect in the car during manufacturing and the other reason is human error or when the driver is being irresponsible in his driving, this may be caused by texting while driving, not paying attention to the road, or drunk while driving. Vehicular accidents do not choose an age, disability, or status, whichever is in the brink of demise, it is bound to happen no matter the reason or cause of the accident. Negligence of both drivers of different cars is one of the main roots and cause of car accidents. When settlement is taking place, it usually means that the neglectful driver is forming agreements or making deals with the other neglectful driver or the victim in order to avoid paying charges because usually charges

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Hiring a Good Car Accident Lawyer The aftermath of an accident is one of the most troubling times for a person, not just physically, but emotionally as well; one needs to get proper legal advice during these types of situations at all times. It doesn’t matter how the situation happened, what you need to keep in mind is that proper legal help has to be hired because it’ll make things easier for both parties to handle the event in the end. What are the essential details you need to consider when hiring a car accident lawyer? You have to be aware of your rights during these situations because it will allow you to get compensated in the best possible way. When you have these professionals around then you would definitely be able to handle court proceedings in the ideal way. There are times when you are caught in a tough situation concerning these events but the right lawyer will surely get you out of it without any trouble.
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When you had nothing to do with the accident, you have to be compensated for any damages done to you physically and

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All You Need to Know About Trademark and Copyright Laws Copyright and trademark are two of the most confusing terms introduced to businesses, artists and musicians. The only way that these two are defined well, explained and understood is through the help of legalities wherein the purposes of these two are distinguished well. The basic definition of trademark is the term, design, number or combination of any of these elements that used to mark the identity of the source of any product and service. Meanwhile, copyright is the one that protects an original work of authorship expressed by means of any forms of medium such as the book, painting or compact discs because they all have the essence of permanence. One of the major reasons why these two are confused with one another is during a legal protection of your original work wherein it is being used as a trademark but at the same time, you are also seeking for a copyright protection of it. New Jersey copyright lawyer and trademark lawyers can easily explain this distinction to you.
Why not learn more about Attorneys?

Why not learn more about Attorneys?

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The Basics on Uncontested Divorce Forms There is a lot of different kinds of things that you will have to keep into mind of when it comes down to uncontested divorce forms especially since a divorce can be extremely emotional and challenging. Believe it or not but just about half of all of the marriages and couples in this nation will end up getting a divorce and that is a statistic that is truly sad without a doubt. There is two routes that is possible to take when you are having a divorce because you can go down the common route which means you will need to endure an emotional and challenging legal battle to get a settlement or you can have a mutual agreement with your partner before separating which is typically a lot easier. If you want to have a mutual agreement then it is important that you can get yourself an uncontested divorce form and this is a very easy procedure, so you will not have to worry about that. There is a lot of different kinds of laws for uncontested divorce forms as well and some states will have their own

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The Benefits of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney Filing for bankruptcy is the last resort of many people, and if you feel that you are forced into this situation by the things which might have happened in life, it is a good idea to know more about it and about what you can do to alleviate your situation. If you are unable to work because of sickness or other reasons, or if you have lost your job and are unable to find another source of income, you might decide that filing for bankruptcy is the best and only thing left for you to do. Facing bankruptcy is certainly not an easy thing to do, and it is important for you not to try to face it without professional help – when you are facing bankruptcy, it is a good idea to hire the help of a bankruptcy attorney. It is certain that people who hire professional bankruptcy attorneys will be able to benefit a lot of things. Facing bankruptcy is not easy, and the best thing that you can do in this situation is to hire someone who is calm and professional, someone who has spent

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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney Bankruptcy proceedings provide a person with an opportunity to start afresh. Filing for bankruptcy is the most viable option for those who cannot settle their debts. For the bankruptcy proceedings to move on smoothly, a person has to hire a competent attorney. Before hiring the attorney, the client has to ensure that he specializes in bankruptcy matters. It is important to realize that bankruptcy law is quite complex. A proper understanding of bankruptcy law enables a person to understand the case properly. This might lead the client to lose assets that could have been saved. To avoid the likelihood of the case of the client being dismissed in court, a person has to hire a competent attorney. An incompetent attorney might cause the client to be forced to attend the proceedings of the case. Familiarity with the local rules is important for the attorney who will be retained to represent the client. Having practiced in the state of the client for more than five years is essential for the advocated. There are a few states which have similar bankruptcy laws. The client should hire the attorney who

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Quick Tips to Consider When Searching for an Excellent Family Law Attorney Whatever kind of lawyer you need, it is very important for you to spend enough time to find the most suitable professional to handle your case. In case you need a lawyer to handle your family law case, then you probably need a family law attorney. Family law is a delicate and disheartening issue, so you need a professional who can represent your case on your behalf. This is a state wherein clients tend to be emotional. Good thing, lawyers can help you decide and ignoring your emotions. This is the reason why it is very important to conduct a careful research and get into each option available. – Word of mouth seems not to run old and you can still use this when searching for a good lawyer. It is beneficial to you if you have some friends or colleagues who have used the services of a family law lawyer in the past. You can sure get reliable information from them. You can ask them about the office practice, fees and attitude of the lawyers they have worked with before. All of these things

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How To Find The Best Family Law Attorney If you are facing an end to your marriage, then you might feel confused about the legal process and at the same time, be overwhelmed on how you can proceed with it. Not only that, you may also be afraid that making wrong decisions can cause you to forfeit some of your property, lose time with your children or even take a big financial hit. So before proceeding, it is going to be important to hire a qualified and an experienced family law attorney who can guide and help you through the process. Here are some questions that you must ask to your prospects to be certain that you’re making the right decision. Question number 1. What’s the communication policy of the law firm – see to it that you inquire the response time of the law firm for day to day questions and what form of communication the office prefers be it email or telephone calls. By being able to know the communication policy of the law firm can help you on contacting them and getting quick response.
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What To Expect From Car Accident Lawyers Car accidents might create a severe impact on the victim and it might have financial and physical aspects affiliated to it. If you have some questions like how car accident lawyers could be of help, then you probably seem unaware of the huge help that these legal representatives can provide. Lawyers who are focused on this field on the other hand are not just representing the complainant but the motorists and non drivers at the same time. Car accident lawyers are type of lawyers who aren’t just involved in representing car accident but he/she is also involved in ensuring that you’re in safe position. And when it comes to safe condition, this is related mostly to the medical expenses that could be claimed and that’s under policies. Medical expenses are only borne in the event that current injuries as well as future medical expenses are anticipated to happen. You may even be surprised that the expenses covered consist of wage loss during hospitalizations as well as other physical disability that had happened because of the accident. These grounds prove that a car accident lawyer is of big help to victims

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Finding a Reasonable Car Accident Lawyer Motor vehicle mishaps usually bring about significant traumas. A good number of car accidents come from heedlessness and carelessness of drivers. A few might equally crop up due to alcoholism or drug-influenced use of country cars. Improperly constructed avenues and improper traffic indications in addition to busted cars and trucks or car tires may additionally instigate catastrophes. Also, in the matter of an automobile accident, a person may also be made to shield himself opposing a case. Judicial suits on the same are likely to be incredibly tough and time-consuming. As such, appointing the services of legal representation is imperative. Ordinances associated with car collisions tend to be varying and complex. Law firms maneuvering specifically in motor vehicle crashes have a lot of knowledge about the countless legal characteristics, which bear upon a scenario of vehicle accident. They are familiar with the cases and details, which must be paid attention to while retaining or contending a lawsuit. A large amount of documents and rubric would need to be completed. These can refer to filling up important forms, addressing insurance carriers and countless judicial instruments.
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What to Consider When Choosing a Construction Accident Attorney If you suffer serious injuries at a construction site in New York, you have a right to be compensated. Construction site injuries can be fatal and may put you in bed for a few weeks. When in the hospital, you will not be able to carry out your usual duties and may be in a lot of pain. You may not be able to work and hence not get income. You have a right to demand for compensation for the pain and monetary losses you incur due to the injuries. An experienced construction accident lawyer in New York can help you file and follow up on compensation. However, many people have a difficult time finding the right construction accident lawyer. With the many law firms available in New York, how can you know which one will be right for your case? Do not be in a rush to hire a construction attorney. Otherwise, you can end up losing or getting a smaller compensation than you are entitled to. Take your time to research various lawyers you come across to find the right one to hire. Here are some

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Learn Everything There Is To Know About Trademark Registration Trademark registration is considered to be as one of the most cost-effective and quickest way of securing ones business identity, commercial advantages as well as market position. When we say trademark, it pertains to a symbol (logos, marks, brands), word, or words that are legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. Sad to say that there are so many businesses these who do not know about the importance of suing trademarks to secure their intellectual property rights. But it is never to let that is why I am encouraging all business owners to register their own trademarks as they will get to enjoy bundles of exclusive rights that are only for them and them alone. Below is a list of some of the commercial and legal advantages as well as benefits that you can obtain from trademark registration. Exclusivity is the main benefit that you can obtain from having your marks registered. Exclusivity pertains to the main way of protecting you brand rights in a name or logo. Trademark registration is also a way for you to be verified as the official owner

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Car Accident Lawyers – What Do They Do? Hiring a car accident lawyer, particularly the ones that study civil cases are ideal if you want to get compensation for damages of a car accident. This professional is also considered a personal injury attorney and he would be able to help you process your civil rights claim from the party who caused you damages. You need all the professional help you can get when it comes to these matters so make sure you have it. You have to be compensated for something that isn’t you fault, right? This is what the law dictates and it should be followed in all the ways that matter. The party at fault should be the ones to answer for your medical bills and expenses. The damages in property would also matter when it comes to these cases as well. You need the best results at all times so make sure you seek legal counsel from nothing less than reputable law firms. When dealing with these injuries, you need to make sure to hire an attorney who is specialized in doing so. You would surely be able to get the ideal results in