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I have started weighing whether or not I should hire a Sacramento auto accident attorney or not. Of course I was thinking for a good long time that it was going to work out, but then things changed when the girl that owned the car found out the guy who hit me had a wife. The guy had no auto insurance, he had no license and he had a long history of getting into trouble on and off the roads. He apparently was the boyfriend of the young lady who owned the car and she told the police that he had borrowed it at first. Then at some point she discovered that the guy also had a wife and three kids. Continue reading

Lawyers and Car Injury CLaims


I am a victim of a car accident, and i am just trying to get help with paying for my medical bills and some compensation for all of the pain that I have been through. I was in a coma for like two weeks or so. It was a medically induced coma, but i don’t know that makes it better. I am checking out now that I am well enough to use a computer. I am going to try to find out as much as I can and I will probably try to hire a lawyer in the near future. I need the advice of a lawyer, so I know the best path to proceed down.

What is sad is that i am not sure if my body will ever be back to normal after the injuries that I have suffered from this car crash. The person who was driving the other vehicle did not even have a license. Continue reading

How The Government Can Take Your Property


lawA new bill has been introduced to end forfeiture funding of the DEA’s Marijuana Suppression programs. The bill is a bipartisan effort to modify was has become a widely abused system of asset forfeiture from innocent citizens, who in many cases have not even been charged with any crimes.


What is Asset Forfeiture?

According to the Department of Justice, asset forfeiture is used to seize the proceeds from crimes, in particular drug trafficking and organized crime, in order to apply those funds towards safety and enforcement in the community. The rationale of the program is the belief that by removing the means to facilitate crimes, the system is not just incarcerating guilty individuals but also weakening the organizations that support them.

How is it Really Working?

While the intent behind forfeiture is bolstering community safety and funding police, it has been so widely abused that voices from all walks of life are now speaking to end it. Police organizations have so much latitude to seize property that the seizures may even occur on suspicion of activity. For example, a young college student had his life

Is an Agreement Based on Duress Enforceable?


criminal-law-policyParties are usually free to contract as they see fit. However, if one party’s actions rise to the level of duress, the act of entering into a contract is no longer a voluntary process, and the contract may not be enforced.



Duress is a defense that may be raised when a party is suing for a contract to be enforced or for damages. The defendant may state that the contract should not be enforced because it was a product of duress, a wrongful pressure that coerced him or her to enter into the contract. State contract law usually determines what constitutes duress. There are different types of duress, but the usual legal standard is that the coercive action must have been such that it deprived the other party of free will and that the party had no other reasonable alternative than to agree to the contract.

Physical Force

The most egregious form of duress is using physical force to get another person to enter into a contract. This type of duress may arise when one party threatens physical harm to the other, batters the other

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Taking a Closer Look at the Relationship Between Your Lawsuit and Your Lawyer If there’s one thing people know about life these days, it’s the fact that strange and unexpected things happen all the time. Although many of these surprises will be positive developments, there are many people each year who find themselves in a horrible accident. This can have a wide range of consequences for your life and the lives of your family, but no more so than if you end up facing a long recovery in the hospital. No matter what kinds of things have happened to result in your injury, there is no doubt that one big worry will be how much money you owe. It’s quite possible that you’ll be looking at a significant amount of debt as a result of this. Obviously, most people are going to want to avoid this type of trouble if at all possible, and this is where the right kind of injury or worker’s comp lawyer can be a good resource to have. You’re going to be able to learn quite a lot about the different kinds of lawyers you’ll have to consider when you’re ready to

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The Guide to Finding a Great Injury Attorney When it comes to the kinds of things that people often worry about in life, accidents and injuries are usually not on anyone’s radar. This is because of the fact that they happen so infrequently and with such unpredictability. In many instances, you’ll discover that your financial losses after the injury will be high enough to justify hiring an attorney. There is no question that when you need to get a great personal injury or other type of worker’s comp lawyer, Miami, FL, has plenty of good options to consider. If you can take a little bit of time to consider the following information and how it applies to your case, there will be no problem finding the quality of attorney who can get you all the money that you need. When you first need to find a lawyer, you have to make sure that you have a good understanding of what injury you’ve suffered. You’ll have to decide whether you’ve been hurt due to your workplace environment or because of a car accident. There are going to be different kinds of lawyers who specialize in each of these

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Information That Will Help You Pick the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey If you were recently injured in an accident of any kind, you’re surely trying to figure out what steps you should take at this point. There are a few different routes you could take. The most popular choice for victims like you, though, is to start looking at attorneys in NJ who deal with personal injury claims. If you have made the decision to retain a legal counselor to assist you, you’ll benefit from looking through the remainder of this guide. It is important for all would-be plaintiffs to remember that their experiences will not be exactly the same as anyone else’s. Therefore, you might not actually require all of the advice that has been provided here. This is actually to be expected. The purpose of basic guides, like the one you’re reading now, is to make it easier for you to sort through all of the personal injury lawyers who handle claims in New Jersey. Good luck to you and your family as you begin hunting for the ideal legal professional. What Specialty Makes Sense in Your Situation?
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Tips on Hiring a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney As you go about your day to day business in Las Vegas, you may get injured when you least expect. Perhaps you are in the city for vacation and are walking on the streets when a speeding vehicle comes and hits you. You may also be working in Las Vegas and get hurt when carrying out some tasks for your employer. Apart from the pain you will be suffering, accidental injuries can leave you with large medical bills. To avoid straining your finances, you should file a claim to get compensated for the losses you incurred. When you are injured in Las Vegas, you should hire an attorney to help you. The lawyer you want to hire is one that specifically deals with the kind of injuries you sustained. For example, if you work in a construction site and get injured by a falling object, you should hire a workers’ comp attorney. If your injury was due to a car collision, a car accident lawyer will help you. Finding an attorney specialized in the kind of accident you were involved in is crucial to the outcome of your

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Benefits of Engaging the Services of New Jersey Attorneys in Your Personal Injury Case There are many people in New Jersey suffering personal injuries or losing loved ones every day due to other people’s negligent acts. You may be aware that consulting a personal injury attorney immediately after an accident is essential but would like to know how you can benefit from their services. The following information will help you understand how influential attorneys are in personal injury cases. Personal injury lawyers have the necessary knowledge, resources, and experience in the tort law. They will examine your case and help you know if it is strong, assess you injuries and damages and let you know how much you can obtain, and investigate the accident to determine its cause and who is at fault. Your attorney will also gather all the necessary evidence and facts to build a solid case. Also, an attorney will assist you in filling out the required legal documents and offer the right guidance throughout the process of seeking compensation. He will present the evidence in the best manner possible to hold the negligent party accountable and obtain the desired outcome for your case.