What is Fair Compensation when a Prescribed Drug Contributes to Harm?


My mom needed a blood thinner because she had a heart condition that put her at a much greater risk of having a stroke. She was on another drug for a long time, then her doctor switched her to Xarelto. A few months into her treatment she started to bleed internally. It got really bad, and she is still suffering from the episode. None of us were fully aware of the risks with the medication. We went to thexareltolawsuit.com to learn more about what is being done to help those who have had problems with taking Xarelto get compensation.

Mom was working while on the blood thinner and with her heart condition. Then when she had the bleeding she was out of work for months. She eventually lost her job and her insurance. It is a good thing that she can be covered under dad’s insurance from work. However, they have lost an income and are now dipping into their retirement to pay their obligations. Continue reading

Really Do Not Know What to Do


I have started weighing whether or not I should hire a Sacramento auto accident attorney or not. Of course I was thinking for a good long time that it was going to work out, but then things changed when the girl that owned the car found out the guy who hit me had a wife. The guy had no auto insurance, he had no license and he had a long history of getting into trouble on and off the roads. He apparently was the boyfriend of the young lady who owned the car and she told the police that he had borrowed it at first. Then at some point she discovered that the guy also had a wife and three kids. Continue reading

Lawyers and Car Injury CLaims


I am a victim of a car accident, and i am just trying to get help with paying for my medical bills and some compensation for all of the pain that I have been through. I was in a coma for like two weeks or so. It was a medically induced coma, but i don’t know that makes it better. I am checking out www.personalinjurysolicitorsdublin.info/car-accident-claims/ now that I am well enough to use a computer. I am going to try to find out as much as I can and I will probably try to hire a lawyer in the near future. I need the advice of a lawyer, so I know the best path to proceed down.

What is sad is that i am not sure if my body will ever be back to normal after the injuries that I have suffered from this car crash. The person who was driving the other vehicle did not even have a license. Continue reading

How The Government Can Take Your Property


lawA new bill has been introduced to end forfeiture funding of the DEA’s Marijuana Suppression programs. The bill is a bipartisan effort to modify was has become a widely abused system of asset forfeiture from innocent citizens, who in many cases have not even been charged with any crimes.


What is Asset Forfeiture?

According to the Department of Justice, asset forfeiture is used to seize the proceeds from crimes, in particular drug trafficking and organized crime, in order to apply those funds towards safety and enforcement in the community. The rationale of the program is the belief that by removing the means to facilitate crimes, the system is not just incarcerating guilty individuals but also weakening the organizations that support them.

How is it Really Working?

While the intent behind forfeiture is bolstering community safety and funding police, it has been so widely abused that voices from all walks of life are now speaking to end it. Police organizations have so much latitude to seize property that the seizures may even occur on suspicion of activity. For example, a young college student had his life savings taken on a DEA search at the

Is an Agreement Based on Duress Enforceable?


criminal-law-policyParties are usually free to contract as they see fit. However, if one party’s actions rise to the level of duress, the act of entering into a contract is no longer a voluntary process, and the contract may not be enforced.



Duress is a defense that may be raised when a party is suing for a contract to be enforced or for damages. The defendant may state that the contract should not be enforced because it was a product of duress, a wrongful pressure that coerced him or her to enter into the contract. State contract law usually determines what constitutes duress. There are different types of duress, but the usual legal standard is that the coercive action must have been such that it deprived the other party of free will and that the party had no other reasonable alternative than to agree to the contract.

Physical Force

The most egregious form of duress is using physical force to get another person to enter into a contract. This type of duress may arise when one party threatens physical harm to the other, batters the other party or holds the party at gunpoint. This

Don’t Fall Victim to False Domestic Violence Charges – Know Your Rights

When considering domestic violence, most don’t realize what an all-encompassing charge it is. It covers far more than one would imagine, and unfortunately many find themselves facing charges and in need of domestic violence lawyers.

This charge includes not only assault and battery, but also kidnapping, stalking including cyber-stalking, disorderly conduct, vandalism and so much more. To top it off, many are unfairly accused because the laws are set up to immediately aid the “victim” in any way possible.

Domestic violence lawyers can help the moment one is accused by using their expertise and resources to get the bare minimum of penalties when it comes to the charges filed.

What to Do to Safeguard Oneself

Anyone can accuse someone else of domestic violence. Spouses, mates, children, parents and even coworkers among others can snap if they feel they’ve been offended or hurt in some way.

Often times, the accuser will show signs of erratic behavior long before calling the police or pressing charges. Thankfully there are steps one can take to ensure they are covering their back, “just in case” things go awry. Domestic violence lawyers urge anyone who suspects a plot against them may be in play to consider the following steps as an

Wondering what to do When Charged with DUI? Get Expert Help

Just because someone is arrested for a DUI, it doesn’t mean they are automatically guilty of the charges. Unfortunately many innocent drivers are taking the fall when they don’t have to.

It’s fairly common for DUI charges to be dropped. There are certain things a DUI Attorney knows about how these arrests should go down, and they can quickly recognize when an accused individual’s rights have been violated.

Not to mention, there are ways to get around suffering the worst punishment possible from the courts, but only an experienced DUI attorney can help someone see success with that. That’s why it pays to trust a professional with your future. Avoid huge fines, loss of a driver’s license and even jail time.

Every Case is Unique

Not all DUI attorneys take this approach, but it is very true. Just like with any other case, a DUI always has variant circumstances, and a professional should delve into that and see what can be used in the accused’s defense.

They should ask plenty of case-specific questions to gather this evidence. One should never settle with a public defender that already has enough cases on their plate. They go through the motions so many times per day that they